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Notifact establishes plug & play communication capability with Lennox® and Heatcraft® products.

Plug & play allows a Notifact transmitter to wire directly into equipment control panels to monitor pre-established diagnostic codes. In addition to being able to monitor considerably more points, in many cases, only one transmitter may be required to monitor multiple pieces of equipment.
Installation is greatly simplified because all that’s required is for power to be connected and for the Notifact communication cable to be plugged in.

For Lennox L-Series rooftop heating and air conditioning units( 3 - 30 tons) equipped with an Integrated Modular Control panel, the Notifact LN-1 transmitter can monitor up to 80 diagnostic codes. Only one transmitter is required to monitor as many as ten L-Series rooftops on a building.

For Heatcraft, the Notifact HC-1 transmitter is designed to connect directly into a Beacon Smart Controller used with their Beacon® Refrigeration system. Over 20 pre-configured alarm codes such as "Room Temp Too High" and "High Compressor Discharge Temp Alarm" can be directly communicated through the Notifact system.

An added benefit to these plug & play capabilities is that the existing eight standard user defined inputs on each transmitter are maintained and available to monitor additional equipment on a job such as boilers, ice machines, pumps and furnaces.

The LN-1 transmitter is available through Lennox dealers nationwide. The HC-1 transmitter for the Beacon Refrigeration system is available directly through Notifact.

We’ll be informing you of more plug & play agreements with many more manufacturers in the weeks to come.
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