E-Newsletter: Issue 1 Volume 6

Hereís a new feature that will provide you with some flexibility and potential cost savings.

Owners of Notifact systems now have the capability to deactivate and reactivate their transmitters via the Notifact website. Itís ideal for equipment being monitored on a seasonal basis such as boilers and cooling only A.C. units, or if itís simply necessary to take equipment off line for an extended period of time. Deactivating your Notifact device causes it to stop communicating until it is reactivated. The device may remain powered or disconnected.

This new function differs from the "Remove" function currently available in that the history of alarms, heartbeats, message delivery configurations, etc. are maintained at the website. The "Remove" function is used when transferring a transmitter from one location to another. It necessitates reconfiguring location, messages and deliveries at the Notifact website when re-installed.

The "Deactivation" function can save money for those paying the monthly monitoring service fee on a month by month basis because the fee will not be charged for each full calendar month during the deactivation period. Since a charge of $15.00 will be charged for reactivation, youíll want at least 2 months deactivation to save. The "Remove" function does not cause monthly billing to stop.

To deactivate, all it takes to save is a few clicks of your mouse. After logging in with your ID and password youíll see a new column on the "View and Edit Device" screen called "Change Status". By clicking on "deactivation" for the device you wish to deactivate, youíll be brought to a screen that will allow you to immediately deactivate your device and give you the option to schedule a reactivation date. When you want to schedule reactivation, you have the option of typing in the date or clicking on the arrow to bring up the calendar to select your date. Billing for the device resumes the first day of the month in which it is activated. The transmitter must be powered prior to reactivation at the website.

Please send us an e-mail if you have any questions or ideas. We welcome suggestions for making Notifact more useful to you and beneficial to your monitoring needs.

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