E-Newsletter: Issue 1 Volume 7

We continue to upgrade our website to make it easier to use and more convenient for you to provide state-of-the-art monitoring service for your customers. The following are the most recent features that we have added to the Notifact Wireless Monitoring website.

  • Device Look-Up Feature
To help owners of multiple Notifact systems, you can now look-up a particular Notifact device without having to page through numerous screens of device listings. In the "View and Edit Device" screen, just select from the drop-down menu the information that you wish search for and enter the specific information in the next box and click "Go". You can select the Device ID, location name or address, equipment information or even the contact name. To access a particular page of device listings, enter the page number in the "Pg #" box below the list of devices.
  • Customizing Alarm Message Descriptions
It is now easier to manage alarm messages more efficiently. You can now change an alarm message description for all delivery methods at one time. In the "Message Delivery Screen", click on the alarm message description that you wish to change. This will take you to a new screen where you select one of two options. You can change the message description for the selected delivery method only or you can change the message description for all delivery methods listed for that device, type your New Custom Message then click "Submit".


Application of the month
Controls, Inc in Medina, Ohio, has introduced an integrated Plug & Play Notifact system for its generator control package. This new system not only transmits detailed alarm messages, but also enables the owner/contractor to retrieve live operating data and remotely Start/Stop the generator system. For more information, please click on the "Power Generation" link on the Notifact Home Page.

From Power Generation to celebrity homes, Notifact can be applied to a multitude of systems. Wed like to hear how Notifact helped you save money, time or provide better service to your customers. Send us an email at info@notifact.com and become eligible to win a fifty-dollar American Express Gift Check.

Trade Shows
Visit us at Booth #4044 at the upcoming ASHRAE Show in Atlantic City, January 14 - 16, 2002. Give us a call @ (800)504-0750 if you need a Free VIP Admission Pass

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