E-Newsletter: Issue 2 Volume 1

We continue to upgrade our product line to bring you the most advanced monitoring service available today.
Notifact can now offer wireless monitoring on generator sets. The Notifact GR-1, GR-2 & GR-3 models offer you the capability to monitor key operating parameters, as well as remotely stop and start the generator. As soon as the generator experiences a problem you will be notified about the event.
We will keep you informed of all new products being developed to help you provide state-of-the-art monitoring service, and now remote equipment control, for your customers.
Do you have a special monitoring application? Please contact us to discuss this idea or if you’d like more information on this innovative product line.

  • Application of the month
We are pleased to announce an agreement signed with the Unitary Products Group of YORK International to incorporate our wireless monitoring technology into York Wireless™, a comprehensive monitoring system that allows “plug and play” communications to York Commercial heating and air conditioning units. This will allow direct plug-in communications capabilities to the Simplicity™ Control Board, which will soon be standard on all York compressor bearing HVAC units. One Notifact transceiver (YS-1) will be able to wirelessly monitor up to 32 rooftop units and still have eight hard-wired inputs available for additional monitoring capability. This system and the Simplicity Control Panel are available through your York dealer.

From shellfish hatcheries to remote equipment control, Notifact can be applied to a multitude of systems. We’d like to hear how Notifact helped you save money or time or provide better service to your customers. Send us an email to info@notifact.com and become eligible to win a $50 American Express Gift Check.

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