E-Newsletter: Issue 2 Volume 2

We continue to upgrade our website to make it easier to use and more convenient for you to provide state-of-the-art monitoring service for your customers. The following is the most recent feature that we have added to the Notifact Wireless Monitoring website.

  • Change of Status Notification
This new feature has been added to our wireless monitoring service as a way to keep you informed of the status of your Notifact devices.
If a device that is installed on our website fails to report heartbeats or send alarm messages during the month, you will be notified of this failure via email. However, since the device is still installed on the website, it is still considered an active device and you will receive a monthly monitoring invoice.
If you wish to discontinue the monitoring service, you must "deactivate" the device by clicking "Deactivate" in the Change Status column of the "View & Edit Devices" page of our website. Also, please note, you will incur a $15 reactivation fee when you reactivate the device.
Please contact our Customer Service Department at (800)504-0750 if you need assistance in deactivating any of your Notifact devices.
  • Application of the month
We are pleased to announce another innovative addition that has recently been added to our product line. The Notifact GN-2 transmitter offers an economical way to send an energy "curtailment" command or a "stop/start" signal to equipment or building systems.
This transmitter has 2 relays that can be remotely activated from anywhere in the world via our website. One command from the website can activate relays at hundreds of locations simultaneously. These relays can: start & stop critical equipment, signal control system to curtail energy use, turn off lighting or HVAC systems or reset equipment after failure.
To discuss a special monitoring application or for more information on the GN-2 model, please contact our Sales Department.

From ice cream freezers to energy curtailment and remote equipment control, Notifact can be applied to a multitude of mechanical systems. Wed like to hear how Notifact helped you save money, time or provide more comprehensive service to your customers. Send us an email at info@notifact.com and become eligible to win a fifty-dollar American Express Gift Check.

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