E-Newsletter: Issue 3 Volume 1

To our valued customers and business partners:

In hard times, strong companies like yours are finding ways to make service delivery and asset management even more efficient, and at Notifact we strive every day to bring you more value with our expanding lineup of versatile, low-cost remote monitoring and control solutions. It is our constant goal to provide you with the most innovative monitoring system in the world, to help you grow your business and control your costs. We constantly listen to what our customers, partners, OEMs and distributors say matters most to win in today's tough economic times. Based on what you have told us, we are pleased to inform you of several exciting new product and service developments, ideas, and techniques to help you to even greater success.

Alex Evans



Notifact is Going Global

The Notifact Wireless Monitoring Service is expanding its coverage into Mexico, the first of many international locations that will be able to generate and receive alarm messages over the next several quarters. We will have approximately 99% of Mexico covered, by population. (Please click here to check our on-line map). You can finally plan that trip to Cancun you've always dreamed about and be assured Notifact can reach you on a Mexican phone or fax line with any critical alerts about your equipment, assets and facilities.

Presently, only certain of our OEM-specific products can be exported to Mexico. We are working to make our entire product line available to all customers in Mexico in the future.

As a result of our globalization efforts, you will notice a few minor changes to our service starting the week of June 9th:

Phone and fax number formats.   In order to support international phone message deliveries, we will now require that all customers provide telephone and fax numbers according to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) numbering standard. (This is much easier than it sounds.) This means that when you set up an account or install a new device on the Notifact web site, you will now enter the country code in addition to the area code (or city code for Mexico) and the local number. The country code for the US and Canada is "1".For example, 1 201 555-1234. Also, you now must type in the state, rather than selecting its name from the drop-down menu. You can enter either the complete name or (for US and Canada) the state's two-letter postal abbreviation.

You do not have to make any changes to your present account or your current message delivery settings. We will be converting everything to the ITU standard for you automatically. There will be no disruption to your service as a result of the enhancements we are making.

Mexican customers should use the same phone numbering standard when setting up accounts or delivery of messages: 52 (country code) + city code + local number.

Tip:   Do not use any international dialing codes or local access codes in phone and fax numbers, even if you would normally dial them from your own telephone. (For example, US/Canada customers entering a Mexican phone number should leave off the "011", the international access code you would normally dial.)

Languages.  In the future we will allow you to specify English or Spanish for delivery of voice messages. For now, all messages will continue to be delivered in spoken English.

Billing, payments, and credit approval.   Currently, customers in Mexico must use a valid credit card for billing and payments. We will not collect credit references from Mexican customers.

Support.   If you need assistance in setting up your account or message deliveries, Notifact Customer Service is available in English at 1.800.504.0750 (US/Canada) or +1 973.575.0664 (all other countries).


Not Just Wireless Anymore

To meet the needs of our growing family of e-partners and OEM customers, we have enhanced our product line with monitoring devices that use existing customer phone lines for two-way communications instead of wireless. By adapting our patented remote monitoring technology for use with landlines, we are able to replicate our rich wireless capabilities for those customer applications where wireless is not practical. Now, whether a Notifact monitoring device is wireless or landline-based, it can send alarm messages and (for some models) receive commands identically, all managed in exactly the same way from the Notifact and Notifact OEM web sites.

The first several models of this new product family have been custom designed for the needs of specific Notifact OEM customers. Among the early beneficiaries of this new technology is Solidyne Corporation, a leading supplier of low-cost multipurpose zone and building controls and automation systems. An appropriately configured Solidyne IZAC system can now take full advantage of Notifact's on-line alarm routing and logging capabilities using ordinary phone lines, or over Notifact's wireless service - whichever best serves the customer's needs.


Monitoring is on the Move

Notifact OEMs and e-partners have been active taking Notifact technology mobile. Among the first such mobile application is monitoring of cooling and power conditions, computer, lab and imaging equipment in mobile testing labs. Now, Notifact is helping companies keep their customers and themselves in touch with all their mission critical systems, wherever they are . . . and wherever they go.


Applications:Keep a Cool Head about your Hot Data Center

Billions of dollars in commerce and millions of jobs are dependent on computers and the uninterrupted flow of data. Companies of all sizes are extremely dependent on keeping their computer and other high-tech equipment running around the clock, and all those electronic circuits are extremely dependent on a stable environment: cool temperatures, consistent power, and freedom from water leaks and excessive humidity. An out-of-control environment is as deadly to today's businesses as a computer virus attack.

Keep your or your customer's data center (and the people who manage it) cool, calm and operating smoothly - especially during these hot summer months - by installing a Notifact environmental monitoring system, like the GN-1, to provide immediate notification to key personnel of problems with excessive temperatures, power failures, the presence of water, and many other critical computer room or lab parameters. Notify and even dispatch key people in and out of your organization automatically 24/7, by phone, fax, email, pager, and more, to keep those advanced computers and electronics up and working full time.


Usage Tips:Using A/C Inputs to Sense Dry Contact Closures

Most Notifact devices come standard with four dry contact inputs and four AC voltage-sensing inputs, but did you know the AC inputs can be converted for use as dry contacts? Here's how:

When using any of the four AC inputs to monitor dry contact points, such as a temperature monitor, just energize the circuits to 24 Vac. You can use a 110 Vac to 24 Vac transformers to step down the voltage if needed. Only the AC inputs that are used need to be energized. Click here to view a circuit diagram.


Where Is Wireless Taking YOU?

From HVAC/R to energy load curtailment, power systems to food service systems, Notifact solutions bring value to a growing multitude of mechanical systems, assets, facilities and operational environments. We'd like to hear how Notifact has helped you save money or time, or enabled you to provide more comprehensive service and solutions to your customers. Send us an email at info@notifact.com and become eligible to win a fifty-dollar American Express Gift Check.



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