Notifact is the answer when it is critical to know equipment needs attention. Such as:
Rooftop HVAC - These units are usually out of sight, and out of mind. Often, the only time anyone checks on them is after they have failed. But with Notifact, you can receive a message when the problem starts. You can monitor such parameters as loss of power, high refrigerant, low refrigerant, clogged filters, or condensate overflow. When an event is triggered, you receive a message which contains not only the location and type of event, but also the make and model of the unit. So you can send your repairman out with the appropriate parts. Often the repair can be made before the customer even notices a disruption of service.  
Boilers - With Notifact you can be alerted to a boiler problem before you lose the heating load. When a boiler problem occurs and people are present, they usually notice the lack of heat quickly and can call for a serviceman. But, when a boiler failure occurs on the weekend or when no one is in the building pipes can freeze and serious damage occur. With Notifact, a message can be sent out on boiler reset, lockout, low water, stack temperature, or other boiler parameters. A serviceman can be sent out with the appropriate parts to make the repair before any serious damage occurs.  
Refrigeration - Notifact can alert you when the refrigeration system is not holding the appropriate temperature. Perishables or other inventory can quickly spoil or be damaged if not maintained at the appropriate temperature. A Notifact message contains the location of the refrigeration unit and the make and model. A repairman can be sent out with the appropriate parts to fix the system before the inventory is damaged.  
Hot Water Heaters - Restaurants, hotels, and health care facilities must have sufficient hot water to operate. Notifact can send a message as the hot water level/temp. begins to drop. A serviceman can be dispatched to the sight with the appropriate repair parts before any health code violations occur.  
Motor Starters - Pump failures can be a costly problem. Often no one realizes the pump has failed until the damage has already occurred. Notifact can send a message if the motor starter trips out, or if there is a loss of power. Typical pump systems that need monitoring are sewage ejection pumps and sump pumps. The Notifact message contains the location of the pump, as well as the make and model. A serviceman can be sent out with the appropriate repair parts before any overflow occurs.  
Temperature - Any application where maintaining a consistent temperature is important is an application which can use the Notifact monitoring system. In many food and agricultural applications, if the temperature of a system varies more than a few degrees, the quality of the product may be compromised. For instance, in plant nurseries or fish hatcheries, if the temperature varies beyond a specific range, the  product maybe greatly affected. However, maintaining a full time staff to monitor the system is often not cost effective. With Notifact, a message can be sent to the appropriate personnel as soon as the temperature strays out of the target range.  
Storage Tanks - Notifact sends out a message when a tank needs to be filled, or if the tank is overflowing, or when the temperature of the tank is no longer in the appropriate range. With Notifact, you or your customer can keep your tank full (or at the desired level) at all times. The Notifact message contains the location of the tank and the type of alarm so the appropriate action can be taken.
Computer Rooms Both large and small alike have dedicated air conditiong equipment used to maintain environments for computer facilities. In most cases, this equipment runs 24/7/365. Notifact is ideal for providing imediate alert to both in house management and appropriate service personel to minimize downtime on these mission critical facilities.  
Telecommunication Shelters Cellular phone towers and telecommunication installations often have shelters, many prefabricated, that require cooling and heating. Since many are installed in remote locations, Notifact provides the perfect monitoring solution for immediate notification of temperatures out of range, or equipment or power failure. The installation of Notifact can reduce the need for costly periodic inspections.  
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