If you have an existing Notifact account, have purchased a device and have it in operation, you can become a Notifact e-Partner.
As a Notifact e-Partners you will tap into the power of the Internet to increase your company’s exposure to customers, contractors, and equipment manufacturers.
Notifact e-Partners will be listed on the Notifact website in the category of Service Contractor, Equipment Manufacturer, or Supplier. Included in the listing will be company name, office locations, phone numbers, contact name and, if you have a website address, a link to your website. Notifact will promote articles in trade publications and on our website which feature applications of your product or service utilizing Notifact.
A locator function will enable customers to determine Notifact partners in their area. All will add up to more exposure, traffic and sales in a very focused market.
Become a Notifact e-Partner today! Simply complete the form below.

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