The Notifact™ monitoring system, with coverage throughout North America, is designed to monitor the operation of virtually any electro-mechanical device, from rooftop HVAC units to oil well pumps. The two main components of the Notifact™ monitoring system are the wireless transmitter and the Notifact™ web site. The transmitter is mounted on or near the equipment being monitored. The secure website is used to configure equipment alert messages and define to whom and by what means messages are to be sent. Each message can be delivered via pager (alphanumeric or numeric), fax, e-mail, PCS or telephone (voice delivery). Alert messages will contain the specific alert condition which caused the transmission along with the location, make, model, and serial number of the equipment. The transmitter is powered by the equipment power source and constantly monitors various input points. When a point limit is exceeded or out of range, the transmitter transmits the condition over the North American AMPS (advanced mobile phone system). The transmission is received by the Notifact™ server and is instantaneously forwarded to the selected message recipients by the configured delivery method. A battery backup enables a “power failure” message to be sent after a fifteen minute waiting period. When a technician arrives in response to the alert message, a service button on the transmitter sends a “technician arrived” message to an owner or dispatcher (or both). Every 24 hours, the transmitter also transmits information about itself and the unit it is monitoring. This transmission informs the Notifact™ server that the transmitter is functioning properly. In addition, equipment operating information such as daily run time and run cycles is sent, creating an operating database for performance analysis. If the unit fails to report in, an alert message is dispatched.


  • Eight standard inputs:
    • Four 24to 240VAC, 3mA inputs( e.g. monitor power on, limit open)
    • 4 Dry contact closures( e.g. monitor air flow, condensate spill)
  • Power input voltages from 85VAC to 240VAC
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to enable event timers, counters and logic
  • Display shows signal status at all times

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