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Transmitters Accessories
Remote Wireless (Cellular) Monitoring and Control System
  • Unit monitors up to 8 points: 4 AC and 4 switch (dry closure)
  • 4 AC inputs accept from 24 to 120VAC, 3mA. Two inputs generate a transmission on power being applied. Two inputs can be user selected to either generate a transmission on power being applied or on a loss of power.
  • 4 switch inputs accept a dry contact closure. Two inputs generate an alert on a switch closure. Two inputs can be user selected to either generate an alert on switch closure or switch opening.
  • An alert is generated if the transmitter has a loss of power for more than 15 minutes or if backup battery power is low.
  • The transmitter can be powered with voltages from 85VAC to 120VAC.
  • Every 24 hours a heartbeat transmission is initiated by the transmitter which includes the status of the unit and any conditions still pending.
  • Display shows cellular signal status at all times.
  • NEMA-4 enclosure is suitable for mounting outdoors.
  • Every 24 hours, the transmitter also sends an equipment "heartbeat" to the user via the Notifact website. This transmission tells the user that the transmitter is properly functioning, powered, and able to transmit.
  • The website shows a history of alert messages and heartbeats (including heartbeat data).
Part number: GGN-1
Description:  The Notifact GGN-1 transmitter offers an economical means to provide 24/7 monitoring for a wide array of equipment such as boilers, pumps, generators, production machinery, or trash compactors. It may be used to monitor any system having switch or AC voltage inputs or outputs. Monitoring examples include: Computer room/data center temperature; Boiler lockouts; HVAC equipment monitoring; Refrigeration temperature; High/low temp. set points exceed range; High/low fluid levels exceed set point; Motor failures; Power loss (battery backup enables message alert).
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