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Transmitters Accessories
  • Unit monitors up to 8 points
  • 4 AC inputs monitor compressor on, fan on, high limit open, low limit open
  • AC inputs accept from 24 - 240 VAC, 3mA
  • 4 dry contact closures monitor air flow, condensate spill and two user defined inputs
  • Transmitter requires input voltage from 85 to 240 VAC
  • Every 24 hours a "heartbeat" is transmitted which includes: status of the unit, conditions still pending and fan run time in the past 24 hours
  • Display shows signal status at all times
  • NEMA-4 enclosure suitable for outdoor mounting
  • Operating temperature range -40 to 160F (-40 to 70C)
Part number: AC-1
Description:  Designed to monitor the operation of single compressor rooftop or refrigeration units; Each of the following conditions can generate a transmission:High pressure;Low pressure;No air flow after 15 seconds of fan power;Compressor short cycle (can be deselected); Condensate spill;Compressor power with no fan power;Air flow with no fan power; User defined Aux 1 input can accept any dry contact - for instance, it could be connected to a high or low room temperature thermostat; User defined Aux 2 input can accept any dry contact; Low backup battery power; Loss if power for more than 15 minutes
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